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      Chemical supply chain value - added service platform

      Company Profile

      Shanghai Langhui Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, with an existing registered capital of RMB60 million. The company is an important distributor for diethylene glycol (DEG) in China’s chemical market, having an annual business turnover of 100,000 tons of DEG, accounting for about 10% of China’s DEG distribution market.


      The company also engages in a package of chemical materials that support the production of unsaturated resin, including styrene monomer (SM), mono ethylene glycol (MEG), phthalic anhydride and maleic anhydride, It is an importan comprehensive supplier of the materials for unsaturated resin in China’s chemical market.


      The company achieved a sales revenue of RMB1.6 billion in 2015, with about 2,000 registered customers.


      Shanghai Langhui was awarded “Major Taxpayer” by Fengxian District of Shanghai in 2009, and won a HSE Best Practice award granted by CNOOC and Shell Petrochemical Co., Ltd. in 2015.


      Chemical Supply China Value-Adding Service Platform


      Chemical supply chain means the connection among the supply, production, planning, operation and sales of enterprises in the chemical industrial chain, which links chemical manufacturers with raw material suppliers, distributors and users.



      The chemical supply chain value-adding service platform is dedicated to providing professional value-adding services for the optimization of the chemical supply chain. Value-adding services include application research and development, channel distribution, inventory optimization, and purchasing and sales financing except for production and manufacturing.