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      Leading the Chinese chemical market important integrated supplier of unsaturated resin raw materials

      Textile Auxiliary Agent Series

      Product NameSpecificationsPlace Of DeliveryMonthly Supply CapacityMS/DS
      Textile Printing Thickener Hitex CMT-8Shanghai Warehouse10 TonsMS/DS
      Textile Printing Thickener Hitex PS-14Shanghai Warehouse5 TonsMS/DS
      Textile Printing Thickener Hitex PS-8Shanghai Warehouse0.5 TonsMS/DS
      Multi-functional Polyester Polymer Velvetol-1471Shanghai Warehouse9 TonsMS/DS
      Multi-functional Polyester Polymer Velvetol-251CCGShanghai Warehouse1.5 TonsMS/DS
      Activated Cooling Adaptive AC-03Shanghai Warehouse4 TonsMS/DS
      Extender For Waterproof Agent Rogerson SF-3413Shanghai Warehouse3 TonsMS/DS