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      Application Research & Development Service for Fine Chemicals

      Application Research & Development Service for Fine Chemicals

      Application Research & Development Service for Fine Chemicals – Jingzhun Chemical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


      Jingzhun Chemical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a professional company focusing on “the last mile of” chemicals research and development, that is, the application technology research and development.


      Products of China’s chemical industry are faced with homogenization competition, and companies have strong demands for product upgrade, product differentiation, and new product development for different market segments. Jingzhun Chemical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is dedicated to solving technical problems of chemical companies in application technology research and development, application technology integration, and application technology crossover. The company boasts a strong development and consulting team consisting of senior experts in the application research and development area of different chemical segments.

      The company set up its application development & testing center in 2016, and has entered into a cooperation agreement in the application and testing of surface active agents with Harcros of the US. Moving forward, the company will work with leading companies in different chemical segments including Jushi Group, Juhua Group, Bluestar Group and Dongyue Group to establish a project platform for joint development.

      With the in-depth development in the application technology area, the company will also set up a chemical application technology trading market in the future.

      The strategic goal of Jingzhun Chemical Technology is to construct a professional open platform of research & development, service and trading of chemicals application technology in China.