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      Network Distribution Platform for Basic Chemicals

      Network Distribution Platform for Basic Chemicals

      Network Distribution Platform for Basic Chemicals ——Shanghai Langhui Chemical Corporation Limited


      Shanghai Langhui Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional chemicals circulation service company founded in Shanghai in 2004. The company is an important distributor for diethylene glycol (DEG) in China’s chemicals market with an annual business turnover of 100,000 tons of DEG, accounting for about 10% of China’s DEG distribution market. The company also engages in a package of chemical materials that support the production of unsaturated resin, including styrene monomer (SM), mono ethylene glycol (MEG), phthalic anhydride and maleic anhydride, It is an importan comprehensive supplier of the materials for unsaturated resin in China’s chemical industry. In addition, the company actively distributes and trades in products like plasticizer and polyurethane.


      Shanghai Langhui deals in approximately 200,000 tons of chemicals every year, distributing about 1,000 tons of products in barrels (6,000 barrels) and 140,000 tons of products in (20-ton) tankers,  and trading in approximately 60,000 tons of products in transshipment orders (100-500 tons).


      Currently, the company embodies nearly 2,000 registered customers, with an annual sales revenue of about RMB2 billion and the total assets of RMB400 million.